Authored by Edward Mossman

Why College Students Fail - Guide 2021


You are here because you intend to go to college and get a degree or best dissertation writing services. But have you stopped for just one moment and really thought about what that means? What do you know about your life after high school? Have you asked yourself whether or not college is really going to help you in the long run? Do you want to learn how to talk like an adult or do you actually want to become an adult ?


Too many students enter college with the view that it is just another


learning experience -- not realizing that this particular type of learning


is going to cost them tens of thousands of dollars for something


that very well could have been obtained through books and videos right in their own homes. What you are about to read may offend your sensibilities, but we assure you that everything written here is based on personal observations and experiences of both the authors.


What kind of person should consider taking this advice? Commonly, students who plan on majoring in Engineering, Mathematics or Sciences would do well to heed our words carefully. If you're thinking an English degree will be more "fun", be warned: the life you are about to enter into will be filled with "fun" in a way that you have never experienced before.



Lack of Preparation:


 The first problem that we see is many students needs in thesis writing help to adequately prepare themselves for college. Students should ask themselves questions such as:


"How am I going to pay for all of these expenses?" and "What kind of job will I hold in order to pay off my student loans ?" Unfortunately, few people seem interested in thinking about these issues.


If we had to use one word to describe our generation, it would be "impulsive". We have become accustomed to getting things the easy way and for not having to pay a price for anything in our lives. College is no exception; it's just another arena of instant gratification where students expect everything provided for them. It should come as no surprise that these are the same students who arrive at their freshman year dorm rooms with only one box for their belongings, and it is full of clothes.


Poor Attendance:


It is not uncommon for a college student to have thesis writing service and an attendance rate of 80% or less. This alone should tell you something about the quality of our education system. First, if you come into any school with the intention that 4 out of 5 days will be "lost" from your overall schedule, then you are telling the world that you do not care about your education. What kind of signals are you sending to your professor/tutor and what kind of learning do you think will take place?


Inadequate Study Habits:


If you are one of the lucky ones that does attend all of your classes, most likely you are not taking advantage of what is being given to you. Specifically, we are referring to studying and reading textbooks for at least 3 hours a day.  As a general rule of thumb, if you are only spending one hour per day reading textbooks and taking notes, then you have done absolutely nothing to prepare for your future. What good is it to go to college if you are not going to take advantage of the fact that you have access to some of the world's greatest minds?


No Time Management:


How could anyone in their right mind schedule 16 hours of classes per week while working an on-campus job? These are the students who consistently fail out of college. They have given themselves countless excuses as to why they didn't make it, but at the end of the day- there is no excuse for being unprepared and overworked.


College students fail for many reasons like master thesis help and it's important to know what those are so you can be proactive in your future. The most common reason is not knowing how to study, which relates back to the first of our three points - studying habits that lead to success. If you're a college student who wants some advice on how to avoid these pitfalls, or if you want help with study skills, test prep strategies or anything else related to school work then contact us today!


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