Authored by John Snith

Basic Requirements For A Good College Essay 2021

Good arguments are characterized by clarity and sound reasoning; they should be logically correct and avoid fallacies. At times it is difficult to distinguish between a good argument and a strong one "essay writer". The former makes use of only valid reasoning, but the latter is able to support its conclusion with more cogent arguments. For this purpose I have to remind you that your essay should not only satisfy the basic requirements of good argumentation but also employ the most effective techniques available.

Essays are usually organized into three main parts; namely: introduction (the thesis), body (the explicit statements of reasons) and conclusion (the summary which includes an appropriate repetition of the thesis). The introduction states a clear subject or hypothesis for debate and presents an interesting point of view on it. The style used in presenting ideas should be simple and straightforward, although one can use figures of speech and rhetorical flourishes so long as they do not detract from clarity and coherence. In general terms, whenever possible avoid making your essay into an academic exercise (as Plato did against his opponents). The body of the essay should include all relevant information to support or counter the thesis. Paragraphs should be kept short and concrete "write my essay". It is always advisable that each paragraph should have a single topic sentence which states what one's position is on it. For dealing with opposing views, use phrases such as: "According to Some philosophers...", "Those who disagree with this interpretation say that... ", etc; instead of using phrases such as: "That is false..." or "The statement above is wrong". Even though in some situations you may start out being fairly certain about what you are saying, do not make assumptions based on your limited knowledge. Once we admit that we might be wrong, it is easier to learn something new. Finally the conclusion should summarize briefly what has been said and tie up any loose ends left unresolved in the preceding sections.

A well-crafted essay must satisfy not only formal criteria but also make a good impression on its readers. The style of writing should be simple yet elegant and even entertaining whenever possible. For example, the use of figures of speech can help achieve this aim; since rhetorical devices usually raise the level of expression to that which we find in poetry (e.g., comparisons, metaphors, etc). However one must be careful not to overdo them or they will produce an unfavorable reaction from one's readers. They can be used for comparison purposes as long they are accurate. In general terms, a good style of writing can be achieved by using the active voice instead of passive and keeping one's sentences as short as possible. It is also important that you keep the essay focused on its main topic, while at the same time avoiding digressions.

Some students tend to use strange words in their essays without realizing that they may actually detract from what they are trying to say. If you pay attention to your diction and check for errors too frequently then this won't happen; however it is never too late start doing so now. Grammar is usually not a problem with native-English speakers; however usage (or otherwise) of proper grammar is still essential since it provides clarity and shows careful thought has gone into writing. In the case of native speakers, it may sometimes be necessary to provide a glossary of any unfamiliar terms in the essay's introductory sections (e.g., if you use word-forms that are not proper English).

Vocabulary is also important because an impressive vocabulary helps express one's thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely. It is therefore useful to keep a dictionary at hand when working on an essay since one can always draw on its help whenever some obscure words need attention (i.e., either adding them to your dictionary or using a good Thesaurus to find their synonyms). However learners should avoid being over-reliant on dictionaries for determining how words should be used; as this will only result in their being less fluent at expressing what they mean. One of the most important things is to read as much as possible because it will help one improve one's vocabulary; as well as develop a better sense for how words are used in different contexts.

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