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Step by step writing tips for an Argumentative Essay


You often have seen essays that do not convey an overall clear picture. Readers find such essays ineffective and the essay itself depicts that it is written by an inexperienced or unprofessional writer. Even though you are good at writing and conveying your point, your writing lacks organization, it will affect your essay and will influence your reader to understand things easily. An essay is not only about writing and presenting ideas in front of the reader. It is more about the way you convey it, the way you present your ideas, and the way you make it easy for your audience to understand.  


A well-organized essay can be written in two ways. Either write the entire essay and then organize it at the end which is very difficult and I will call it an unprofessional way of writing. The other way which is effective and helpful in writing an effective and well-organized essay is “step by step writing”. This way about how to write my paper not only helps you to write well-organized essays but also helps maintain coherence between your sentences and paragraphs. Because in a step-by-step manner you are aware of the previous sentence and your mind considers it while making a new sentence. Your essay will lack coherence if you randomly wrote it and then try to organize it. The professional writers of a custom essay writing service also prefer step-by-step writing as it helps them write outstanding and effective essays within no time. 


All the types of essays should follow the same writing approach but in some types of essays, a step-by-step writing approach is very necessary while writing such as in writing a persuasive essay or an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is based on several arguments where you have to take care that your every argument is depicting a clear meaning to the audience. Randomly writing an argumentative essay will lead to a mixing up of arguments. On the other hand, a step-by-step approach will help you write about one argument, end it completely and then start the new argument. 


Tips for writing an Argumentative Essay step by step


Some of the tips for step by step writing an argumentative essay are mentioned below:


  1. One of the most important tips for writing an argumentative essay is to first make a general outline of your essay. This will help you organize paragraphs in your essay. The organization of your paragraphs would be difficult after writing the complete essay.
  2. Perform research first, then start your write-up. Most of the writer gets confused while writing because they are researching and writing at the same time. A better approach is to collect research information and then start a writeup.
  3. After researching the arguments, shortlist the arguments from your research that you think are strong enough for your topic. And then decide which argument to use first and which ones later. Assign each paragraph to each argument and then in writing simply write about your argument and include facts, figures, or evidence to prove your argument.
  4. Keep one thing at a time in mind while writing. Don't mix up your mind and confuse it with several things or arguments at a time. This will help you write step by step. 



These were some of the tips that will help you write your essay step by step. Moreover, you can always ask others such as your friends to read your essays and check whether it is well organized or not. For example, in my childhood, I had a friend who always helped me to write my paper for me and I used to ask him to read it later and check what is lacking. Believe me, in the early stages of my learning it helped me a lot by sometimes highlighting issues that I was not even aware of. 



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