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Research Proposal Writing Tips And Tricks – 2021


You can have a better idea about the research, but you also need to make a very influential proposal that attracts the reader’s attention. The proposal is for the funding request or in university, you can approve your topic from the teacher. So, in both cases, your proposal should be effective and get an essay writing service


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Here are some tips and tricks that can possibly guide you on how you can write a good proposal for research. Follow these tips or hire a professional essay writer for your help. 

Read all Instructions

Make sure when you are planning to work on a proposal, you focus on all the details and points mentioned in the instructions. Instruction is basically given to narrow down your research and you can focus on only specific details.

If you are writing it as a part of your academic degree, then conform to the instructions of the teacher and if you are doing it for some institution, then fulfill their criteria. If you ignore the given criteria in the instruction, your proposal can end up benefiting no one.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

It matters a lot who will read your proposal. Most of you make the mistake of using relatively complex language in the proposal and when someone reads it, they get lost in the terminology and can’t get hold of the basic concept. In your research proposal, try to use non-technical language and follow the principle of KIS which is “Keep it Simple”. But it does not mean you can not bring diversity into your language. You can do it with less technical language and avoid too much jargon and get college essay writing service


Bring Originality

Originality basically means that you research on some topic which has not been studied before which is very difficult to find. So, what can you do to bring originality to your proposal? The solution is simple, but it needs research.

Try to go for the problems and gaps that exist in the previous research of your desired topics. Or you can just combine the two disciplines through research that is never done before. So, it’s up to you how you do it.

Follow an Outline

Every proposal has a standard outline which everyone has to follow. It does not mean you can’t make changes to it but there are some points that you need to include in your proposal. However, for the evaluation process of your research, you need to make an outline and follow it.

Here are some outline points that should be present in your proposal. You can also hire a professional essay writing service for creating a perfect outline. 

  •         Topic
  •         Abstract
  •         Research questions
  •         Aim of the study
  •         Significance of the study
  •         Literature review but a short one
  •         Methodology
  •         Sample
  •         Analysis procedure
  •         Time limit
  •         Conclusion or possible results
  •         Limitation of the study
  •         Reference page
  •         Your contact details

Catchy Introduction

The one who might be reviewing your proposal is a busy person, so you need to grab their attention at the start. Many of you ask a very common question about “how to start an essay”. The solution is simple, be very simple and organized, and try to bring innovation in your research introduction. You can start with a hook that shows how your research is different, or you could go for any statistics. It is totally up to you.

A clear topic

The first impression of your research is based on the topic so make sure that your topic is understandable. It reflects the originality and the uniqueness of your research. In simple words, make it catchy and interesting.

Feasibility of Research

Always make sure to reflect in the proposal about the feasibility of your research. Show that you are competent enough to conduct the research, your chosen environment is perfect and also your research will contribute some good in the respected field.

Nothing is absolute

You are just giving a proposal, not a full-fledged research paper, so nothing is absolute. So, your research can vary after the proper procedure so do not make it a confirmed document and make room for the changes always. You can also get ‘write my paper’ help if research paper writing is difficult for you. 

Proofread it

Once you are done with the proposal, always ask someone to read it for you. If you think your proposal needs more finishing touches, then you can ask any online website to “write my essay” and they can make changes for you. But always proofread it before submitting it.

The proposals for your research are never difficult to write. You just need to follow some tips and guidelines and your work can become more influential and good. Always remember, a good proposal needs time and research even if you follow the tips and tricks. 


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