Authored by Waqas Ahmed

Saidpur: A sneak-peek into history

Have you ever been to Islamabad? 

You want to, on the grounds that there, you will see the shades of the cutting edge civilization blended in with exceptionally old legacy, the lower regions of the Himalayas joined with enormous shopping centers and costly eateries. The interest that is connected to history and the obscure will keep on making us ponder and meander. Along with this there are many properties for sale Rawalpindi too. This fixation has made thousands visit this authentic spot and will keep on doing as such for the coming years. This spot is really, a little town on the slants of the Margalla slopes which has unexpectedly been there for the beyond five centuries. This little town situated at 0 km from Islamabad has the most picturesque perspectives on the city just as the slopes, for the spectator.

The Past

This place is as rich as they come when it comes to history attached to a place. The rule of Mughals and Hindus has provided the place with a lot of folklore and a very rich folk culture. Saidpur village was set up in the year 1530 AD by a certain Mirza Fateh Ali. The city was first known as Fatehpur Baoli, later during the Akbar era, this place was gifted to Said Khan Gakhar for his services against Sher Shah Suri, and with this, the name of the village also changed to Saidpur, and that is the name by which we know this place today. The mughal emperor Jahangir once, during his visit to Kabul and was so impressed by the serenity of the place that he decided to mention the serenity of the place in his own biography, Tuzk-e-Jahangiri.

If you ever happen to visit the place, it is most likely that you would come across some temples. Those temples are a symbol of the civilization that was built by a Hindu ruler by the name of Man Singh who converted this place into a place of Hindu worship during the era of Mughal weakness. The Hindus of the region left the place during partition and thus left the temples stranded. These temples are kept intact as heritage sites by the Government as an effort to boost tourism.

The Present

Thinking as an international tourist, a remote village in a country with such a bad international reputation might not be on my bucket list. For this very reason, the place had to be reformed to provide efficient transport and life facilities. Accessing this, the Capital Development Authority of Pakistan initiated a project aiming to convert this village into a modern day tourist attraction with the provision of necessary facilities. The local community benefited a lot by this project as heavy investment came in due to the ever-increasing tourism potential of the region. This project was initiated in 2006 and completed in 2008. The city has become one of the tourism hotspots of the area since then. The development of several other housing societies nearby has helped in building the necessary infrastructure of the region to sustain the area. Development schemes like DHA Islamabad, which are known for their quality housings, have played their part in the development process. If you are looking for a DHA Islamabad house for sale, then Gharbaar is the place for you. Any details regarding the housing facilities and the relevant procedures can be seen at Gharbaar. The housing details and in person help that is provided by the people at Gharbaar is truly exceptional.

The Future

The eventual fate of Saidpur town and its many creating settlements can be anticipated however brilliant as it seems to be composed on the divider that travel industry will help any remaining areas of life, including the land. Endeavors of sites like in giving precise data about land will assist you with staying away from dodgy land vendors and set aside a ton of cash. has been offering these types of assistance for a long while presently and my own experience has additionally been very acceptable with them and giving options of properties for rent Rawalpindi. The site offers an incentive for your cash and furnishes you with land choices at ideal spots.

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