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A term paper is a type of work based on original research, containing the author's analysis and interpretation - and for 1st year students this can be a difficult task, if you do not have time and energy to write, then EssayAssistant essay helper will help you cope with the task.

The purpose of the term paper is an independent in-depth study of one of the topics studied during the educational process, or an additional topic of most interest to the student, agreed in advance with the teacher, if the chosen topic is related to the law, then the site will help. The selected topic must be considered by analyzing the current legislation, the study of various scientific and educational materials, as well as a generalization of judicial practice materials.

Before writing a term paper, the student must carefully review the content of the relevant topic in the academic literature, study the recommended additional scientific and academic literature.

Covering issues on which there are different points of view in the literature, the student must set out his attitude towards them, as well as offer his possible solution to the issue. It is also never too late to ask for help.

Disclosing the content of normative material on the issues of the topic, it is necessary to give accurate references to the relevant acts, indicating the name of the given normative act, the date of its adoption and the name of the official source of its publication.

When writing a term paper it is necessary to use practical materials on the chosen topic (at least three examples).

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